1 Day Pause


Note that orders for Pause Plans take a minimum of 48hrs to prepare and also to allow you to prepare your body before you begin by following the preparation online provided below. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We created an enjoyable 1 Day PAUSE plan that is flexible to your needs.

On top of that..
We created a plan that is flexible to your needs by giving you more then juice. The pack also includes delicious detoxify teas and a cleansing water to help with cravings.  It is also adaptable to your life schedule and health needs by taking each liquid in the order you see works best for you!

Here's what's included in the day pack, and the order we suggest!

1. Herbal Tea (detox tea bag)

2. Alo (Cleansing Water to drink first in morning and fill-up 3-4x times each day with fresh water to drink between each juice)
3. BAM-BAM Booster Nut-Mylk 
4. Immunity Booster Juice + Turmeric

5. Relaxe Detox Juice

6. Big Bang Booster Juice + Spirulina 
7. Amoré Detox Juice
8. Herbal Tea (detox tea bag)


Consumption should be every 2-3hours, or when you feel the need to drink. And the last consumption should be taken before 8PM.

Along with your plan we encourage you to continue drinking clean filtered water (lemon water or alkaline) to stay hydrated because the body will release a lot of fluids when it flushes out toxins, and the water will also help stop hunger cravings.

Please advise us in your order notes of for any food intolerances or allergies so we can help find a replacement option. Please note that our facility does not work in a nut-free environment.


Please take the time to read the FAQ page for all order and delivery questions.

* Make sure to view our 48hrs Preparation and Exit Plan Guideline.

NOTE: These beneficial statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any form of disease. Please consult your doctor before going on a juice plan.


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