Introducing juicing reboot plans that are proven to help you naturally and holistically reboot your entire self!



Digestive issues?

Hormonal issues?

Acne or skin issues? 

Low-energy or sleep issues?

Below are some success stories that have gone through the roof to inspire all of us that is possible to FEEL BETTER! SLEEP BETTER! AND LOOK BETTER!






What we love about our juice plans is that..

#1 Not to brag..but they are nutritionally balanced and very delicious! 

#2 Easy to adapt for any busy, low or active lifestyles.

#3 Delivered to you Cold-Pressed Freshly in batches of 3 days only (RAW. No HHP processing, Only Fresh Juice and it doesn’t take up all of your fridge space!)

#4 Gives you the option of enjoying 1 healthy meal per day (can provide a gluten-free available menu ,flexible to certain intolerances with additional cost) 

#5 Or the option to challenge yourself and only consume juices daily!

#6 Each plan can be done for either 15 or 30 days depending on your budget.

#7 Each request is reviewed by our Certified Health Coach to help guide you with a plan best suited for you. 

#8 We support you all the way and give you a preparation and exit plan guideline!


Reboot Plans options available for you:

PLAN 4+ 

Consists of consuming 4 juices during the day and have a healthy salad meal of your choice either for breakfast, lunch or dinner as long as you eat before 7pm which is before your metabolism usually starts slowing down. This plan is recommended for slow-regular metabolism, with a mid-high activity level.


The juice selection will vary each day to allow you to get the most variety of nutrients, and each day will include:


2x Boosters (including nut-milk boosters)

2x Detox

4x Superfood packs (to add into any juices for additional super-nutrients, healthy fats and plant-based proteins)




Consists of consuming 6 juices during the day only, superfoods and loads of water!

This plan is best suitable for very slow or troubled metabolism, possibly with digestive or liver issues, lack of enzymes and good bacteria in the gut. Because it is a liquid diet, this plan is recommended for low-mid activity levels and requires lots of additional water intake as well due to the loss of toxic fluids that will be experienced from the juice detoxification. 

The juice selection will vary each day to allow you to get the most variety of nutrients, and each day will include:


3x Boosters (including nut-milk boosters)

3x Detox

6x Superfood packs (to add into any juices for additional super-nutrients, healthy fats and plant-based proteins)



What will I most likely experience with a juice plan?

Ha! That is always an incredible amazement even to us!

People who have done juice plans from our freshly cold-pressed juices have experienced an overall feeling of their body and mind feeling CLEAN. They feel clearer in their thoughts, are much more energetic and alert, feel happier, less moody, some even experience greater glowing skin and hair, and just simply feel more ALIVE & VIBRANT. If you want to try a purely raw and all natural juicing plan, we hope to have the pleasure of journeying with you on this holistic juicing plan to help you get closer to YOUR health goals.

Before starting, we recommend you consult your doctor to see if a juice plan is right for you.

The Juice Plan is NOT recommended if you:
are pregnant or nursing
are under the age of 18
have active cancer
have liver disease or hepatitis
have Type 1 Diabetes
are on medications for bipolar disorder, or
have an allergy to any food or ingredient listed on our site


What will I receive?

Each delivery pack will include 3 Days of Juice Plan all identified by the days to consume the juices. You will receive a green bin filled with juice bottles at each delivery. These bins should be left at the door to be returned to us upon the next delivery with your empty rinsed bottles ready for pick-up. When you receive your juice it is important to place them in a cool refrigerated area upon receipt and consume them within the 3 days to not go over the juice-life of these freshly raw cold-pressed juices.


Awesome, so how do I get my juices?

We love easy breezy too, and all you should have to do is receive, open and get healthy!

We always press orders the morning of, carefully pack them up according to each order, and deliver them as soon as possible within the next few hours so they can be at your door step!  Juices would be delivered to your home or office 2x weekly on Tuesdays & Fridays between the hours of 1pm-5pm.

We deliver to the greater part of the west and centre of Montreal, Laval and West Island. If you are outside of these zones, please email us so we can see how to best serve you: order@joysofliving.com.


We believe in a 7th day REST PERIOD

Since the two weekly juice deliveries are consumable within 6 days, the 7th day is an OFF DAY. This gives you a day to prepare and organize for your next weekly juice delivery, and to also include a little bit of solid foods in your diet to keep your metabolism running strong, get out there, be active and socialize!

We can also help you and offer you fresh salad bols and soups to cover your day, OR you can handle your own with our recommended food list! What ever works best for you! We HIGHLY encourage you to drink lots of water and eat clean on your off days to continue the benefits of your plan. This is NOT a cheat day.


Great! What’s the cost?

Whole & healthy eating is known to be pricier then your average food. We offer payment plans that allow you to save dollars off each juice purchase and reinvest very dollar in your well-being.

We averagely spend about $50-60 daily on eating, snacking and drinking out. That is a total of about $350 spent weekly on just feeding ourselves, not to include buying the right organic and local produce, spending time in the kitchen washing, cutting, cooking or cleaning the juicer!..

Doing a REBOOT juice plan allows you to..

1. Save over $100 per week on groceries, food and drinks!

2. Save you loads of time in the kitchen and at the grocery store!

3. Feel RENEWED a little more each day without changing your lifestyle.

4. Have increased VITAL ENERGY so you can spend more energy enjoying your joys of living!


To receive all details of our Reboot Juice Plans give us your Name and Email and our Health Coach will take the time to review go over your health history and take care of putting together a plan that is right for you.