Join the GREEN CLUB!

Why journey with us?

If you are here it's because your are health conscious and we are here to encourage you by joining the GREEN CLUB! 

The goal here is to allow you to keep up your healthy living, without having to do the hard work yourself, and where you can save dollars for an affordable investment that can even be shared with family, friends or colleagues!


Advantages to Monthly Subscriptions?

  • Take advantage of SAVINGS OFF EACH JUICE Starting at 10% OFF juice subscription for 3x juices a week!
  • Delivery available in the Central Montreal Area *20KM radius from our store
  • Receive your juice order automatically every week and order-entry hassle free!
  • Select up to 2 WEEKLY delivery days that works best for you either Tuesdays or Fridays!
  • Be the first to try out any of our new juices or products!
  • Receive a GREEN BIN which allows you to store your rinsed bottles and leave by the door or hand over to us easily at each delivery as we hand you back your new juices or simply leave them at your doorstep!

How will I be charged?

When subscribing to any of the available plans, your subscription including taxes will be charge on ONE customer account credit card provided at time of account opening, and will be charged every 1st of the month with an emailed receipt. Note that subscription plan prices are based on 4 week intervals or 8 deliveries per month. An additional week service will be charged for the additional deliveries on the 5 week months if applicable.

Can I change subscription plans at any time?

Yes a subscription change can be done at any time, and will take effect starting the 1st of the following month by emailing us at

What happens if I need to skip a month or a delivery?

Not a problem. As long as we receive your ‘skip’ advisory 5 business days before your next delivery or the 1st of that month,we will put a hold or credit on your subscription account until we hear from you to re-open your subscription.

After 3 months, we will send you a friendly reminder asking you if you would still like to continue your free membership with us, at this point if you would like to re-open your membership a small fee may apply.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes of course. Your subscription will be renewed each month unless you advise us by email of a subscription cancellation no later then 5 business days before the next month. Any cancellations received after the 5 days will be charged a cancellation penalty of 40% of the monthly subscription.


“Skip-a-month” or “Subscription Cancellations” should be advise by email at this address: Please put your membership # in the subject line so we can easily identify you.


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Someone will contact you within 2-3 business days to get you started and open your account.
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