That is a very common question that we love NOT to answer. Why? Because when you start juicing you will understand the WHY.

Dr. Norwalk, was said to be the first to create the cold-pressed juicer back in the 1930’s. His theories were based on the concept that juicing would give us more optimal nutrition because of its fast absorption form. But as science evolved, new discoveries came out on lots of important reasons why someone healthy could benefit from juicing daily! We are not advocating that someone should ONLY juice all your fruits and vegetables. No, we believe that we must still eat your fiber too once the body is able to digest those fibres effectively.  What we are suggesting is that we drink fresh cold-pressed (more nutrient dense) juices on top of your fresh foods, for greater cellular cleansing resulting in a continual healing purpose. Juice extraction of fruits and vegetables provides the highest absorption of the total whole food nutrients. Imagine all that pure goodness in your body!

Juicing is a “pre-digested”  food.

As a result of the American and Canadian food guide diet and our groceries being 80% packed with sugary snacks and beverages, high processed foods, trans-fats and not to omit all the preservative crap that our bodies can't even comprehend, our grand-parents, parents and now WE have been ‘’pushed’’ into make poor food choices over the years. JUICING however is a raw liquid form of intaking nutrients that doesn't require much digestion, so very relieving for the tummy and digestive tract. By drinking a “pre-digested” fruit and vegetable in juice form, one can easily assimilate the nutrients with minimal to no digestion. Sending all the nutrition dense vitamins, minerals, enzymes and healthy bacteria right to the parts of the body that needs the most for rapid self-healing! Pretty amazing right?

Should I juice every day?

Juicing in a nutshell should be considered an easy add-on to your daily. Imagine if you were to eat all those portions of fruits and vegetables in a day how great you'd feel! However, eating and digesting so much raw fruits in a day could potentially make someone sick and maybe even grow ulcers from all the acidity build-ups. True, that our ancestors didn’t have to eat/drink so much fruits and vegetables, but in their time, they didn’t have to hassle with the harms of industrial chemicals, polluted environment and poor dietary nor poor lifestyles..think about it!

Juicing removes indigestible fiber... Yes it does!

Did you know that the nutrients we need daily from fruits and vegetables, are actually trapped in the fibers. This means that if the body’s digestive process is weak and can’t break those fibers, the fibers will only be found at the end of the digestive cycle, basically in your ‘’number 2’’.  What a waste right? For example, when we eat a carrot, we are only able to assimilate a very small percentage of the beta-carotene. However, when the carrot is juiced, the fibers are broken during the extraction process to release all of its nutritional value, allowing us to assimilate nearly 100% of the beta-carotene. And this especially in RAW COLD-PRESSED JUICES - low RPM motors, no over-heat production, masticated or pressed to its maximum for all the fresh nutritional value that last 3-4 days refrigerated!

Will juicing effect digestion?

Solid foods require many hours of digestion before any nutrient is made available to the cells and as mentionned before, some nutrients never makes it past the fibers. Juicing on the other hand, delivers the fresh nutrients to the cells within minutes of consumption, with very little effort on the part of the digestive system which is why many people feel ENERGIZED in an instant. This is primarily because in its liquid form, the enzymes are not wasted to fuel its own digestion. As a result, the body can quickly distribute the much-needed enzymes to other parts of the body which aid in the proper healing, building, restoring and repairing of our cells.

Why a Juicing cleansing?

The fruit and vegetables are juiced raw, fresh, cold-pressed for optimum nutrition and more importantly from local as well as organic sources for low toxicity. Only with sufficient amounts of nutrients in the fruits through juicing, can the juices be cleansing to the blood, and blood is basically life! When we help our body keep our blood clean and loaded with nutrients daily, we can expect our bodies to help US live better and longer!

How long can a raw COLD-PRESSED juice last?

RAW juices that are cold-pressed with no other methods of preserving or pasteurizing, should only last 3-4 days refrigerated. A juice that lasts longer then this natural juice-life, would potentially have been modified from it's natural state. Does your cut up apple last over 20 days in your fridge?

Is juicing for you?

Due to the large amounts of raw bacterial content and the rapid effects that directly affects the bloodstream when doing a Juice Cleanse, we do recommend to consult your doctor before taking on any long-term plans. Essentially the plans are not recommended if you:

are pregnant or nursing

• are under the age of 18

• have active cancer

• have liver disease or hepatitis

• have Type 1 Diabetes

• are on medications for bipolar disorder, or

• have an allergy to any food or ingredient listed on our site



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