48HRS Preparation and Exit Plan Guideline

They say that SUCCESS is measured by proper planning, so PLAN YOUR PAUSE SUCCESSFULLY.

Here is our 48hrs Preparation and Exit Plan Guideline that should be followed with any Juice Plans.



It's simple. The body is not a mind-reader, it cannot plan for your juice cleanse on its own, it needs your help to communicate to him that a change is about to happen and to get ready for it. Many unpleasant side effects to cleansing result in poor planning and not giving time for the body to transition into a liquid diet, and then back to a solid diet. The earlier you start preparing your body for a cleanse or detox, the more long lasting health benefits you will receive!


 1-2 Days before starting your plan:


Reduce your processed food intake to mostly only real natural vegetables and fruits, with little to no added salt or artificial sugars. Keep it as clean and raw as possible. Smoothies are a great way to slowly get ready, so take out your blender! Replace your daily usual drink, to 6-8 cups of water with lemon.

(no coffee, black teas or other caffeinated drinks). Make sure to put your juices in a refrigerated area as soon as you receive them and prepare your Day 1!



Suggestions before you begin your transformation:


  1. Take a picture of yourself before and after your plan (portrait and body)


  1. Take a minute to write down how you feel before your plan, and notice how your body, skin, hair, nails and eyes appear, as well as your current weight so that you can have something to look forward to as you start with this health plan. 


  1. Write down your primary intention for this plan and post it somewhere visible to remind you as you do it and also to review once you have completed the plan.


  1. If you like,  send us your picture and intention so that we can be accountable to your goals and share this journey with you, You can also use  our hashtag #joysofliving to receive online support throughout your plan and we will make sure you do!



Begin your PLAN!

We trust that you know what you like and when you are hungry, so the juices can be taken in the order of your choice and whenever you feel the itch to drink. We do suggest however to follow this order each day:

Our new Pause Plans now have 6 Juice consumption a day and should be taken in this order:

1. Herbal Detox Tea

2. Alo Lemon water

3. NEW Booster Nut-Milk (made with our home-made cold-pressed almond milk)

4. Booster Juice

5. Detox Juice

6. Booster Juice

7. Detox Juice

8. Herbal Detox Tea 


To help you keep your body alkaline and hydrated, we suggest you drink our cleansing aloe water - ALO throughout the day. The water also helps keep belly filled with liquids so you do not feel the hunger coming, reduces cravings and aids digestion. Once you finish the bottle, we suggest you fill it up 2x with clean filtered water with a dash of lemon if you have, and consume the extra 2 bottles of water throughout the day to remain hydrated as you WILL lose lots of fluids on this plan which is how the toxins will be released too!


Normal possible symptoms durant your plan:

Some people experience fatigue and mood swings, feel nauseous and have headaches which is quite normal as your body is withdrawing, adjusting to a different type of diet and deconstructing habitual cravings such as caffeine, salt and sugar which we tend to consume largely in our daily meals. To not increase these symptoms, we highly recommend that you keep hydrated and drink water in between your juices to also help stop cravings and hunger. Also very important to keep your activity level to a minimal and social activities after your plan. It is in your best interest to remain focus on your goals and practice some meditations if you want to also help release the toxins we accumulate in our minds and from our stress. And take advantage of no meal planning to go to bed EARLY! Getting proper sleep is a high rejuvenator on its own.

These symptoms occur usually during the first 3-4 days of the plan, if the symptoms persist and increase after 4 days, you may contact our health coach for guidance: healthcoaching@joysofliving.com 

If you do maintain a higher level of exercise weekly and that you feel that you might need more calories for energy, you may eat whole fruits or vegetables in its raw form, some natural nuts for added protein and health fats or a raw salad. You can also add superfoods to your juices such as Chia and Hemp Seeds, and Spirulina (blue green algae).


Your last days! Final PUSH!

These last days should feel more habitual now and you may already be feeling much lighter and entered a clearer state of mind, better sleep and feeling ALIVE! You have been nourished with LIVE living foods so your body is thanking you so very much for it! Come on, last stretch and we know you can do it by now! Give it your very best shot!


Day After Cleanse:

Congrats!! You did it and persisted, which is as much a mental challenge then a physical one. GREAT FOCUS!

Now all you have to do to continue on the plan and expand your health benefits, is to repeat a similar diet to your day before preparation, eating soft raw and fresh foods made of vegetables and fruits and grains, try eating clean and NATURAL - staying away from processed cooked and seasoned foods for the first few days and then slowly reintroduce these foods into your body, however now with a clearer conscience!

Alright here's the real deal now, you've invested so much to just go back to the cheating habits. To keep up that beautiful living, vital and healthy body, we recommend to avoid large daily consumptions of fatty foods, refine or artificial sugars, highly salted or processed foods. Keep caffeine, sweets and salted snacks to a minimum and continue to add pure raw fruit and vegetable juices in your daily regimen!

Have you reached your INTENTION from the beginning of your plan?

We sure hope so! And we encourage you to continue on your new health journey by being followed by our health coach who is available to support you during and after your plan! Ask us for more infos on our health coaching program. Email Mags at healthcoach@joysofliving.com


We also have Monthly Plans available for weekly juice deliveries permitting you to continue to integrate juicing as part of your daily diet, which is the best way to keep a natural and saine nutrition all year long!

Happy to share your journey.


Honestly yours,