Take a shot!!

January 18, 2017

Take a shot!!


This is Mags, and as a Holistic Health Coach I love to inspire people to always seek to better themselves.

Life is meant to be discovered in all is capabilities! And we ourselves, should take the time that is lived, to discover ALL that we can be. Isn't it shameful to only discover 40% of ourselves and keep the other 60% in hiding?

That's why people take on challenges, because they want to discover more about themselves and use new capabilities they never thought they had. That's pure GROWTH! 

I can speak from a challenger myself, when I decided to leave a full time growing career to start a business. It was by far  BEST life and personal growth experience I've ever lived! There's no school or price to pay for this, the only price to pay is to TAKE A SHOT, trust and believe in. If you don't believe in it, fear will overcome your challenges and prevent you from seeing the growth expand. However, if you trust in a superior force to help you overcome the challenges, because there will be, then there's no limit to what your life could hold..

And so this year, 2017 specifically. If there's something you are contemplating for some time now and it has started to tingle your brain and heart, I encourage you to explore it. TAKE A SHOT in that direction...trust IT more then you believe in the purpose, and then see what happens. Because your entire life is waiting for it!


So stop listening to others, listen to YOURSELF and let the universe guide you.

HAPPY 2017!  


Mags Living

Holistic Health Coach