I stopped questioning it and i just started my 3 Day Cleanse!!

January 28, 2017

I stopped questioning it and i just started my 3 Day Cleanse!!

Our thoughts can really get in the way of things sometimes.

Over-thinking can sometimes also keep us from making a decision and going for what we really want and feel inside! It's good to think things through obviously, we all own a brain for that. However, when you find yourself questioning and requestioning again, why don't we just go for it so you can stop questioning!

Here's the story of a Montreal - based Fitness Yoga Director Katie, who questioned doing a Cleanse during the holidays and finally just went for it!

Here's how she explains her cleanse journey with us this year :

'' The start of my journey with Joys of living.

When I first decided to start my three day cleanse, it was just before the holidays I was feeling sluggish and a little stressed to get everything done on time. I wondered if it may be a better idea to start the cleanse after all the holiday madness and heavy food. After all, I was embarking on this cleanse 6 days before Christmas!! Feeling nervous that I would have stomach pain from not easing slowly back into solid foods I finally just stopped questioning it and i just started it!

The day before I started, I ate only steamed veggies and fresh fruits to get ready.

Day 1 was the standard 6 juices and lots of detox tea, I was feeling OK in the morning, but by the afternoon I was what I like to call “Hangry” and I had a lovely headache all afternoon. My hunger pain subsided, but I became exhausted by the time I got home from work.

Day 2 I surprisingly woke up with no headache, my eyes were very clear, and I had lots of energy! I proceeded to tidy up my place and wasn’t even tired after I had finished. I found an incredible boost of energy during day 2, I also noticed that smells of food were very strong, I could probably have told you what was being cooked just by walking by my neighbours!

Day 3 the energy was still very much present I was able to go through a full days work, I finish my Christmas shopping, got a tree, and wrapped all my gifts, all while having a serious sense of calmness and a very clear mind. Amazing..

I noticed after the cleanse, I was not craving high amounts of sugar or large portions of food, I was more mindful of what I was grabbing to put into my mouth and in turn did not overeat during the holidays.
It turns out this was in fact the best time to do a cleanse. I also noticed I lost about 3 pounds and just felt very light.

I can say I really had a great experience with this cleanse and would love to do it again!!

This is just the beginning of my journey with Joys of living and if you’ve never experienced the benefits of a cleanse I suggest you give JOYS a try.



Thanks so much for sharing Katie!

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