I did the 3 Day Pause Cleanse and it surpassed my expectations!

February 03, 2018

We often have friends and customers come to us with this common question ;

'' I'm thinking of doing a cleanse but I'm scared! Is it hard? And do I really not eat ANYTHING for days? "

It is a scary thought at first for anyone who has never gone over a day without eating. However, here is the key that unlocks the fear for many when the actual response is..

''Yes! because the concept behind the Pause Cleanse is to offer a digestive break while you nourish and cleanse, you won't be feeding your body solid foods for a few days, however you will still be feeding your body plenty of nourishing juice extraction and nutmylks, enough that your body receives enough daily nutrients, good calories and loads of vitamins and minerals to get your through the day! Not to forget that our Pause Plan Cleanses also include Superfoods to add to your juices so you feel like you are somewhat chewing on something!

Here is Elisa's experience on her very first 3 Day Juice Cleanse:

'' I must say that I was a little nervous at first considering it was my first and longest cleanse although the juices were so delicious and nutrient dense that it left me feeling comfortably full throughout my days!

All three days were pretty similar for me in the end, I felt surprisingly energized to get through my days without a problem and the greatest thing was that I felt LIGHT and NOT bloated all 3 days which is a positive change for me.

On my last day I noticed a nice difference on my skin, I seemed to have gained a nice glow and I can say I felt clear minded.

Of course I had to lower my intensity to exercise during my cleanse but I was still capable of getting a moderate workout done.

It’s safe to say that my experience was a positive one and I definitely see myself being more frequent with this awesome juice cleanse !!''

This is me Elisa!

BRAVO & thank you Elisa for sharing your experience with us, and if you are curious about trying a Juice Cleanse for the first time, there is honestly never a good or perfect time, just find a week that you can see yourself being home more and do it!

We have Plans starting at 1 Day, 3 Days and 5 Days if you are more advanced and want the extra challenge for even bigger benefits. Want more details - email us: order@joysofliving.com